Materials Monday # 15 - Special: Design for Circularity

Materials Monday # 15 - Special: Design for Circularity

Online-Seminar by Plattform für Design and Innovation

Design for Circularity - Industrial Design and Product Development for the Circular Economy

Registration until Friday 01 Decembre 2023.


17.00 to 17.10 Welcome and Introduction. by Martin Beeh (Initiator

17.10 to 17.20 Key note lecture on "Circularity in Plastics right now - challenges and opportunities"

by Dr. Alexander Kronimus, Head of Business Unit Climate Protection and Circular Economy of Plastics Europe e.V..

17.20 to 17.30 "Best Design for Circularity". by Éric Falaise (Team

17.30 to 17.40 "How to transform your Industrial Design and Product Development project into a Circular Design project". Challenges, criteria, tools and processes. by Martin Beeh (Initiator

17.40 to 18.00 Time for dialogue: Question & Answers, Discussion round moderated by Martin Beeh and Éric Falaise

The practical specialist seminar is ideal for designers, product developers and for all decision-makers and experts in product management, purchasing, marketing, procurement, sales and production who need more knowledge about the circular economy quickly and want to learn about concrete options for action. Best practice examples and interactive tasks will also be used to show how this can already be implemented in design and product development today.

A special highlight of the seminar: The introduction to the circular economy from the point of view of the plastics industry, explained in the key note lecture by Dr. Alexander Kronimus, Head of Business Unit Climate Protection and Circular Economy of Plastics Europe e.V..

The speakers and moderators Martin Beeh and Éric Falaise, both from Team, will explain to the participants how industrial design and product development for the circular economy works and why product and service are decisive for the success of the circular economy in companies and for their customers, and how they can implement this in concrete terms.

Martin Beeh and Eric Falaise will explain tools for circularity: It is also about processes and materials for the circular economy. Because only with precise development and circular processes and concrete materials and processing methods can the circular economy succeed.

Best practice examples of the design of circularity will also be presented. In this way, participants can learn from the pioneers, avoid mistakes, gain industry insights and discuss benchmarks together.

This results in a practical, inspiring online-seminar that brings together knowledge, experience and tools for the concrete implementation of the circular economy in design and product development.

Send us an email if you want more information. The participation fee is 49 € (incl. VAT in Germany). You will receive the link to the recording of Materials Monday # 15, shortly after the seminar.

Become a pioneer in the design of the circular economy!

Montag, 04. Dezember 2023
Ort: online
  • Monday 4 Decembre 2023. From 17.00 to 18.00 h CET. Participation fee: 49 € (+ 19 % VAT in Germany, elsewhere reverse charge / no VAT)

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